Recovery Equipment

ARB Recovery Equipment

An assortment of high quality recovery equipment, appropriately selected to suit your 4x4 and environment, is essential when venturing off the beaten track. Vehicle recovery is a major part of 4WDing. Without the right equipment, it can become frustrating and even dangerous, but if you’re properly prepared, it becomes a challenging yet rewarding experience. Don’t trust your vehicle to substandard recovery products that could jeopardise you and your vehicle’s safety.  ARB’s vehicle recovery accessories are engineered and manufactured to the highest standards, making them ideal for recreational use as well as competition.


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Bushranger Recovery Equipment

Bushranger is here to provide the most avid 4WDer with everything they need to get off the beaten track. THE MOST important thing when you are going offroad is a decent recovery kit. Whether it be a snatch strap and a couple of shackles or a fully-fledged premium kit with all the goodies, Bushranger see’s the need for quality product. Available are all your straps, numerous size kits to suit everybody’s needs and everything else that you can think of.


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